The Radioactive Waste Repository Authority (SURAO) was established by the Ministry of Industry and Trade on 1 June 1997 according to the Atomic Act. The principal obligations of SURAO consist of the efficient management of repositories for the disposal of low-level and intermediate level radioactive waste and the development of a deep geological repository. Since 2000, it has operated 3 near surface repositories for disposing low and intermediate level waste: the Richard repository near Litom??ice which is used for the disposal of institutional waste, the Dukovany repository for waste generated by Czech nuclear power plants and the Bratrství repository for the disposal of waste containing only naturally occurring radionuclides. One of the main tasks of SÚRAO is to prepare a deep geological repository for disposing spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste, which is scheduled to be put into operation by 2065. SURAO is also responsible for coordination of research and development activities in the field of radioactive waste management.