WP3 - R&D on monitoring technologies

Work Package 3: Research and Development of relevant monitoring technologies

The former FP7 MoDeRn Project has successfully developed and analysed the capabilities of monitoring technologies for future repository use in the fields of measurement techniques and probes, data transmission methods and energy supply. One of the outcomes of this project was a list of priority technical issues that remain to be investigated. The objectives of WP3 are associated with the critical gaps identified in MoDeRn as listed hereafter:

1. Improve and combine wireless data transmission systems (WDT).

2. Research on power supply sources capable of extending the expected life time of the WDT as an alternative to chemical batteries.

3. Research on new sensors to measure relevant parameters when suitable probes do not exist or develop new techniques  and probes when the existing ones do not comply with the required performance.

4. Refine and improve the most promising geophysical methods.

5. Establish a common methodology for qualifying the components of the monitoring system intended for repository use.The planned reduction of energy needs for the radio systems in combination with the development of longterm power supply sources and the consolidation of these systems are crucial to extend their lifetime to decades. In addition, the integration of new types of sensors in the wireless units will broaden the range of parameters that can be monitored with the systems. Finally, one of the goals of this project is to develop a Wireless Testing Facility in Tournemire URL where to evaluate the actual performance of the proposed systems during the development phase of the project (no demonstration purpose).