WP2 - Monitoring strategies

Wor Package 2: Monitoring programme design basis, monitoring strategies and decision making. 

This work package aims to define the requirements on monitoring systems in terms of the parameters that should be monitored in optimised monitoring programmes with explicit links to the safety case and the wider scientific programme. This will include consideration of decision making requirements, monitoring strategies, screening of preliminary monitoring parameter lists, and performance measures and response plans. A key aspect is researching how the design basis of practical, feasible, efficient and effective monitoring programmes can be established.

Specific objectives for WP2 are:

- Describe specific objectives for monitoring of the barrier system in different national programmes, based on consideration of the safety case.

- Evaluate high-level monitoring strategies (e.g. pilot facility, monitoring of emplacement region, well defined batch experiments, and use of dummy canisters) and describe the potential implementation of these strategies for a range of repository designs and geological environments.

- Identify the range of decisions to be made during repository implementation that will require information from monitoring, and the monitoring information/data required to underpin the decisions.- Understand and consider the range of stakeholders (e.g. WMO staff and regulators) making decisions/interested in monitoring data, and the functions responsible for using monitoring data.

- Develop approaches for screening preliminary parameter lists for different national monitoring contexts.

- Identify the parameters that should be monitored in practical (implementable) programmes.

- Describe the expected evolution of the disposal system during the monitoring period, as it relates to the monitoring parameters identified.- Identify monitoring results that would require action to be taken, and set out the types of response actions that could be considered for these results, in the context of decision making.- Identify approaches (methods, tools, workflows) for using monitoring data in decision making.