Publication of the Stakeholder Guide

27 juin 2019

Written as part of Modern2020 project, the Stakeholder Guide aims to introduce the process of geological disposal and some of its challenges to a broader audience. Firstly, it presents the state-of-the-art of monitoring technologies and strategies for high-level radioactive waste repositories in an accessible way. Secondly, it is intended to serve as a source of inspiration for local stakeholders who are involved in the decision-making process regarding radioactive waste management.

By introducing monitoring in geological disposal as a sociotechnical challenge and reflecting on the what, how and why of public participation processes, this guide hopes to provide the reader with helpful insights and tools for reflecting on and discussing radioactive waste management, geological disposal and monitoring. The target audience for this guide is diverse and includes journalists, policy-makers in the field of nuclear waste management, NGOs and interested citizens who already have some basic knowledge of nuclear power and the management of radioactive waste.

The Stakeholder Guide is also available in French language, click here.

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